electronic Zone Transfer System (eZTS) (05.18.16)


To Our Valued Clients:

The electronic Zone Transfer System will initially be implemented to Ecozone Logistics Service Enterprise (ELSE), Ecozone Facilities Enterprise engaged warehousing/logistics (EFE-WD) and registered warehousing/logistics operations of Ecozone Export Enterprise (EEE-WD).  The initial implementation of the eZTS will only cover the following types of warehousing/logistics operations:

  • Importation/procurement of goods for subsequent supply/sale to PEZA registered Enterprise
  • Storage, inventory management of goods of PEZA-registered enterprise-clients and subsequent retrieval and delivery thereof by/to said PEZA-registered enterprise clients

To be able to prepare our clients for the upcoming implementation of the electronic Zone Transfer Zone System (eZTS), we are requesting all ELSE, EFE-WD, EEE-WD and its PEZA registered enterprise-clients to:

1. Accomplish the application form (Annex A) to be printed in the company's letter head. (Visit our website and look for Annex A-eZTS under Downloads page)

ELSE/EFE-WD/EEE-WD and PEZA-registered enterprise clients are allowed to designate a maximum of only three (3) officers to be given access to the system.

2. The printed application, together with the soft copy, shall be submitted to the ELSE/EFE-WD/EEE-WD's and PEZA registered enterprise-client's respective PEZA ZA/ZM/OIC for validation and subsequent endorsement to PEZA-MIS.

3. PEZA MIS shall create and provide the approved eZTS users with their respective user accounts/names for the eZTS.

4. Accomplish the E-Konek VASP Enrollment Form and forward to (Visit our website and look for VASP Enrollment Form under Downloads page)

This applies to ELSE/EFE-WD/EEE-WD and PEZA-registered locators who are not yet registered with E-konek and wishes to avail of our electronic Zone Transfer System.

Please email if you need further assistance in filling-up the forms. We will be posting our eZTS User Manual in our website so you can be familiarized with how our system operates.
You can download the said manual in your computer so you can review and have a better understanding of the system.

For additional information and assistance, you may contact us through Email:; Telephone Nos.: (02) 459-2133;

Toll Free for outside Metro Manila: 1800-108-EKONEK;


Thank you for your continued patronage.



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