E2M Web (14 OCTOBER-2013-163)


Dear Valued Clients:


In line with Ekonek’s endeavour to give excellent service as well as to make filing of e-documents to Customs as smooth as possible, we are changing our communication protocol effective November 4, 2013. Though there are only slight changes in the filing of our Declaration, EKonek has started conducting orientations and trainings to ensure the smooth transition from our old VASP application to the new VASP application. It is in the best interest of BOC and EKonek to make our clients ready for this new communication protocol.


We have outlined the following features and changes to make it more convenient for our clients to use our system in filing Customs e-Documents.


1. Client's Password

: Since EK Platform is modified, we are requesting all users to change the "password" on your first log-in for security purposes.


2. JAVA Files and Applications

: Brokers and Forwarders will no longer download the required Java files and applications for the installation of the EKonek VASP.


3. E2M Web Access

: Brokers and Forwarders who previously set-up a shortcut or alternative icon to connect to our existing E2M, please click the “e2m customs” icon in our website or go directly to URL


4. Internet Browser

: Though Mozilla Firefox is recommended, Brokers and Forwarders can now use any internet browser.


5. Offline Encoding/Lodgment

: Brokers and Forwarders can now compose and submit SAD applications even if the BOC E2M server is down.


6. Persistence of Documents

:There is an Auto Save feature for unexpected interruptions. The encoded data are saved and the user may continue to file and submit the document.


7. Initial and Final Assessment of Duties and Taxes

: Initial assessment does not include the computation of excise tax (if any).The final assessment must be the basis of the payment for the duties and taxes.


8. Recording of Error logs

: Shipping Lines and Consolidators can now view and print the saved error messages coming from BOC.


9. Declaration Status

: Brokers and Forwarders can retrieve the status of their declaration through the finder option.


10. Retrieval of Documents

: Clients can now retrieve previously received or submitted e-documents even if the BOC server is down. This is very beneficial to clients who wants to print their OLRS documents.


11. OLRS

: One page printout of the OLRS Form (2nd page commodity is included)


Thank you very much for your continued support and patronage.



E-Konek Pilipinas, Inc.
Helpdesk: (02) 459-2133