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Automated Export Documentation System PEZA V4

What is AEDS V4?
AEDS V4 is an updated version of AEDS V3 with improved look and feel of the system. It has a new user interface that is easy to access, understand and use to facilitate those actions and enable users to learn the system quickly and use it efficiently. The business rules remains the same as the V3 but there are additional modules, features, and enhancements included in the system to cater the requests of our clients based on their wants and needs.

New Modules of AEDS V4
Export Declaration and List of Exportable Graph
Total Export Declaration Successfully Submitted
Total Approved List of Exportable
Total Prepayment Account Balances
Prepayment Authorized by Broker
Disapproved LOE and Reasons for Disapproval
Prepayment - Total Amount Deposited / Balance
Accumulated Fee Paid
Average LOE used on Lodgment
List of Top Partners
List of Exporting Country

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