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CPRS Self-Service System

The CPRS Self-Service System allows users to fill-out the CPRS form on their own without the need to wait for e-Konek to encode it on their behalf. This allows for faster processing as clients can immediately submit their filled-out forms to the Bureau of Customs (BOC).\r\n
\r\nFeatures of the System\r\n
• Autofill of Form through Upload of CPRS XML File\r\n
• Validation of Data Entered in CPRS Form\r\n
• Document Review Prior to Submission\r\n
• Interactive Tooltips to Guide Users in Entering Data\r\n
• Available Customer Support\r\n
\r\nBenefits of the System\r\n
• Faster Submission of CPRS Application to BOC\r\n
• Lesser Data Encoding Errors\r\n
• Convenient and Accessible\r\n
• User-Friendly Interface\r\n
• Easy Access to CPRS Tracking System\r\n

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