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CPRS Tracking System

The CPRS Tracking System allows users to track the progress of their CPRS applications. It also allows them to keep track of the expiration date of their CPRS application. In addition to such features, users can generate their CPRS XML and Generated Report at just a click of a button.\r\n
\r\nFeatures of the System\r\n
• Tracking of CPRS Application Status\r\n
• User Levels for Clients and Brokers\r\n
• Multiple TIN Viewing for Brokers\r\n
• Request Copy of XML File\r\n
• Request Generated Report\r\n
• View Document Errors\r\n
• Tooltips to Guide Users\r\n
• Available Customer Support\r\n
\r\nBenefits of the System\r\n
• Real-Time Updates on CPRS Application Status\r\n
• User-Friendly Interface\r\n
• Easy Access to CPRS XML and Generated Report\r\n
• Easy Access to CPRS Self-Service Application

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