About Us

e-Konek Pilipinas, Inc. had its beginnings when a small group of IT professionals engaged in e-governance systems for government agencies with a vision to promote the country's economic and freeport zones. The company was incorporated on November 27, 2002. Today, e-Konek is further expanding their services in creating systems solutions for trade and logistics enterprises while maintaining their status as the largest Value-Added Service Provider in the country. We are dedicated to provide our clients with a wide range of outstanding IT solutions to help them achieve their business objectives.

The success of e-Konek Pilipinas is partly attributed to the extensive knowledge and experience of its senior management and technical staff in systems development and implementation. Our observance of and adherence to our Core Values have, more than anything else, made e-Konek into what it is now.


We focus, focus, focus.

Our clients are very important to us and we always aim to focus on their needs. Let us know what you need by reaching us through our support team that operates 24/7.

We grow by attending to problems and difficulties.

We always see problems and difficulties as opportunities to improve and innovate our services for the benefit of our valued clients. We understand that each of our clients have distinct needs and requirements.

We maximize your benefits.

Good positioning means that our clients are getting value for their money. We take only a fair share of the benefits provided by our products and services, while the benefits our clients derive from them are maximized.

We take the high ground.

Our willingness to take on advocacies and push for reforms ensure our clients get real and lasting benefits from our e-services. We are your willing, reform-oriented partners who strive to continually improve our business processes. We establish goals that do more than just address client concerns, but national concerns as well.

We guarantee security and confidentiality.

We understand that our clients need their privacy when it comes to their transactions. We equip our solutions with the necessary safeguards against fraud and security breaches to serve our clients with integrity and keep the unbroken trust of the public we serve.

We shape the landscape.

The solutions and systems we provide create groundbreaking changes in current workflows and processes. We never take anything as a given.

e-Konek has had more than 15 years of experiencing in systems development for the trade and logistics industry. We are currently backed by 150+ competent and passionate individuals who are providing excellent service to an ever expanding list of clients. See how we can help you grow by contacting us today!